Since 1982, I-Gard has been committed to Electrical Safety providing both industrial and commercial customers with the products and application support they need to protect their electrical equipment and the people that use them.

Our focus on safety extends to education and awareness and is demonstrated through our partnerships with media companies at providing Education, Editorials, Application White Papers and our active participation on industry safety and standards panels.

Our investment in product and technology development empowers
I-Gard to offer the most complete range of ground fault protection relays, arc detection relays and HRG Protection systems in the marketplace.

We have more products at more price points than any other HRG supplier. Our in-house engineering, product development and manufacturing groups empowers I-Gard to customize the product solution to your specific application needs.

With the recent development of the mGard relay, the Sentri ground fault and arc detection relay and the leading ARCiTEC we have your ground fault and arc flash protection needs covered.