Rex Power Magnetics, headquartered in Concord, Ontario, is among the largest manufacturers of power magnetic products in the world. Since its start in 1972, the Company has been successful in a highly competitive global market due to a number of factors: consistent, high-quality product; regular investment in R&D; flexibility in design and manufacturing; widespread distribution centers; and customer service that is without compare. 

- Dry (VPI and Cast Coil) Power Transformers (Up to 15 MVA, 34.5 kV, 150 kV BIL)

- Dry-type General Purpose Isolation Transformers

- Mini Power Centers (Up to 45 kVA)

- Encapsulated Transformers (Up to 75 kVA)

- Autotransformers

- AC Line / Load Reactors

- Air Core Reactors

- Specialty Transformers (i.e. Traction Power, Crane Duty, Marine Duty, Rectifier Duty, K-Rated, Ultra High Efficiency)

- Control & Machine Tool Transformers (50 VA to 7500 VA)