Staco Energy Products, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, offers a broad range of power quality products and site services to maximize systems reliability. When time is money; downtime is not an option. What ismore Staco's conservative design philosophy, tightly controlled product configuration, and consistent manufacturing processes ensure that every Staco Energy customer gets the highest quality product possible. Because we are strongly committed to quality, we test 100% of our product before it ships, and then stand behind our workmanship with industry leadin

- 1-phase & 3-phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (Up to 500 kVA)

- 1-phase & 3-phase UL 924 Emergency Lighting Inverters (Up to 225 kW)

- Automatic Voltage Regulators / Power Conditioners (Up to 2000 kVA)

- Frequency Converters (Up to 60 kVA)

- Battery Monitoring Systems

- Variable Test Sets (Up to 3500 kVA)

- Preventative Maintenance & Field Services