“Trust is a critical element to any successful relationship.”

I have had the pleasure of working with Allen Power for the past nine years as the Rex Power Magnetics sales representative for southern California. Providing solutions for their customers through proven engineering expertise and field experience, Allen Power has exceeded sales expectations every year. An easy-going nature backed with hard work and a “can do” attitude is another reason Allen Power has been so successful.

Whenever a transformer issue has come up, Allen Power never panics or loses their patience. Instead, Stacy, Nick, and Kendra devote their efforts to working with the customer and the factory to come up with a solution. It is clear that Allen Power wants a solution that is best for their customer and their manufacturer.

Trust is a critical element to any successful relationship. Allen Power is fair, responsible, and has constantly demonstrated the utmost integrity in their business negotiations. I highly recommend and endorse Allen Power to other electrical distribution manufacturers or customers.

- Robert J. Cannon, National Sales Manager, Rex Power Magnetics